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An Update of Sorts
So sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been rather busy and difficult both on and away from the game front. I won’t get into the personal stuff on this site, but regarding the game, programming is pretty much at a standstill and I’m very tempted to redo most (if not all) of the game art.

The one patron I had (who is a relative) agreed to the Patreon just becoming a general art and writing one until the game’s programming is a little farther along. When that happens, there will probably be a kickstarter *after* Alpha or Beta starts. There might be possible donations later, but not until there is something more solid on the website.

We do have one framework on the site, but our programmer found some issues with it and showed me and we don’t feel comfortable with going into Alpha until that is all resolved.

For art, I’ve been experimenting with other styles and am very tempted to redo the artwork. If I end up doing that, I’ll be posting the new art for people to vote on.

Thank you for sticking around, and again, so sorry about the lack of updates. We should have something more solid by the end of the year (hopefully).

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