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Well Hello ^-^
I'm Lunar. I tend to play a lot of Pet sites and Sims but only tend to stick with a couple at a time. Right now I'm active on Windrose and Drakor. I found this game on the Virtual Pet List Forums. It's looks interesting, I haven't stumbled upon a fish sim before~ ^-^ I don't know much about fish, but currently I have two Male Bettas. Never an actual goldfish though. Smile
Hello and welcome! Windrose is super fun (I haven't been on Drakor, but I may have to check it out sometime!). Happy to see some more VPL folks come here as well! Big Grin

I love bettas! My sister-in-law has had many bettas (at one point she had three) and they all had such unique personalities!

Thanks for joining and welcome again! ^v^
Thanks for the welcome! I've been stalking your thread on virtual pets recently and finally came to see the forums xD

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