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Weekly Update! 75 Tumblr Followers, Skin Contest, and more!
Hooray! The official blog for the in-development Goldfish Sim, Auratus Ghoti has over 75 followers!

As promised in an earlier post, here are the reveals of the two thumbnails, the new contest, and a little map bonus update!

First up, the new set of markings!

[Image: tumblr_inline_nshth5wUVr1t0axni_500.png]

Based off of the Asagi and Shusui koi markings, this primary, secondary, and tertiary set can make your fish look spectacular! I’m not sure if this will be a gravel, river rock, or favor marking set yet. Modeled on a male common goldfish. This is the first of the Koi styled markings (we saw so many beautiful ones on our pond tour so I’m working on working a few more into the game).

Next, the items. These can be used as food (based on some observations we’ve seen of some fish released in the local lakes) or they can be hoarded (and if we end up doing a companion system, they might become craftable for adorable companions):

[Image: tumblr_inline_nsht4j7b661t0axni_250.png]

Yellow Fry of the Flat-Faced Death:  Sure, it’s cute now, but when it grows up, it might eat you!

[Image: tumblr_inline_nsht4q7mFL1t0axni_250.png]

Fry of the Mallard Flat-Faced Death:  The Flat-Faced Death ate one of your fry? Get revenge!

[Image: tumblr_inline_nsht53EXI81t0axni_250.png]

Fry of the Mandarin Flat-Faced Death: I wonder if it tastes like a tiny orange?

There will be a few more of these in the coming weeks and months, but these are the first three. They will be a high rarity item and can either be added to the food stores or collected (I’ll probably be collecting these because baby ducks are adorable).

I’m also toying with changing up the world map based on the seasons. This set shows what each map would look like for Winter, Spring, Summer (the drought event), and fall.

[Image: tumblr_inline_nshtllCcHW1t0axni_500.png]

Finally, we have our contest! This will be another skin/tattoo contest, this time for Ryukin goldfish!
[Image: tumblr_inline_nsmpxljzYK1t0axni_500.png]
If you are a member of the forums, you may have seen that the lore comic is focusing on Indoors. The gods are being revealed in these updates (sort of), so this contest is all about the Spirit of Indoors. You can do skins based on the creator gods, based on what fish might see while at Indoors … you can even use other lore hints about Indoors for this contest. Once again, you can only participate if you are a member of the pre-alpha forums.


You can post as many entries as you like, but there will only be two winners - one skin for males and one for females.
Skins must cover at least 50% of the body and cannot go over any of the line art or the eyes. They should not be so dark that the shadow layer is not visible.
Skins cannot contain copyrighted materials
Skins will need to be entered as transparent .png files at 350 x 350 px
You can find the PSDs in the Skin Forum. Do not share them outside of this forum.
Entries must be posted by August 31, 2015 at 11:59 pm in the Contest Submission thread.

The winners will have their skins be official game skins and will have their names in the credits, as well as 500 river rocks, 50 favor, and a copy of their winning skin when the game opens.

Thank you again for all of your support!

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