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Weekly Update! Mini Update!
Because the patreon reached the $10 a month goal, the first double update of the lore comic is scheduled to be released for patrons and members of the pre-alpha forum on Friday, barring any unforseen circumstances.

The lore comic will feature snapshots of the history of the pond and give background to different aspects of the game. It will follow two juvenile goldfish who are learning about the history of the pond from Goldie, the prophet.

If you are interested in reading the coming (and seeing adorable by goldfish learn about their new home) but you aren't able to become a patron, be sure to join the pre-alpha forums!

What’s next for the Patreon drive?
Next up is reaching the $20 a month goal where more breeds will be released when the game opens to the public. Currently, the only breeds that will be released at game opening will be Commons, Ryukins, Crown Pearlscales (to those who pledge the amount for them), and Bristol Shubunkins. 

Programming update
The next update on programming should be posted Sunday or Monday (possibly around the time that the weekly update is posted). I’m meeting with Justin on Sunday night so we should have a good idea of what is next then. 

Skin contest
The skin contest is still going! We’ve have three very cool entries and I’m excited to see more! This ends on Friday at 11:59 pm! You do need to be a member of the pre-alpha forums to participate.

Thank you for all of your support in this game! I’m excited to post another art update soon!
Update to the mini update -

The lore comic might be a day late thanks to dropbox not synching with the computer I was working on today. If it's not up on Friday, it will be up Saturday night!

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