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Lore hints - Indoors
The Game Mechanic of sending a fish indoors is a method of removing fish from the game.

In the world of Auratus Ghoti, this is a wonderful honor, however. The gods often come to the pond looking for specific markings, colors, or breeds of fish (and occasionally mutations) to bring to "Indoors", and so the schools of the pond often groom fry to be ready to live at "Indoors". The original seven remember Indoors as a place of recovery, but they do not remember it being a place of no return. Different schools have different views as to the reason for this change in Outdoors, but most believe that the gods have a special place for these fish in Indoors.

Fish who go to Indoors are first scooped up and placed into the clear barrier before being taken away. In exchange, the gods have bestowed favor on the schools that give their fish to live with them. This is the main way for goldfish to receive favor.

Oskar has her own theory on where the fish that are taken to Indoors go. It's not too bad since the gods seem to be very particular about the fates of these fish, but she still worries for some of the fish. Especially when the word "20 gallon" was thrown around in one case where only one fish was taken to this new fate ...

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