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Lore hints - Relationships in the pond and breeding
Most fish in the pond do form deep bonds with other fish, whether it be romantic or platonic.

Platonic relationships are extremely important in the pond. Fish who are friendly with each other will often look out for each other's families within schools and will look out for entire schools of fish that they are close with in the neighboring schools. Occasionally, platonic relationships are formed between fish of separate territories. Often these relationships are forged in battle training, which many think will be a big benefit when the pond invaders return to the pond. Some friends will look out for the other fish's fry.

Romantic relationships are also important and sometimes result in breeding pairs or groups. Some fish are strictly monogamous, only choosing one partner in their school and bonding with them for life. Others will form romantic bonds with more than one fish (and sometimes these bonds are reciprocated throughout an entire group of fish) and often they will spawn and raise fry in these groups. These romantic bonds are not bound to fish of opposite genders as some fish will be more drawn to love a fish of the same gender than themselves (such as Banner) and some fish in these relationships will adopt fry in their school and raise them to go on to either help the school or create their own school. Some fish, such as Charcoal and Michael, do not form romantic bonds, but sometimes these fish will still take fry under their care. These relationships are generally not formed until these fish have been adults for a while (one year or 14 days in game play)

Raising fry is one of the most important things in the pond and many schools will focus much of their time and energy on keeping the fry safe. Unlike most goldfish, the fish in this pond only lay and fertilize up to 5 eggs at a time. Charcoal is trying to research why this is the case as she is concerned that this is not normal for their species (and she would be right - though the reason is still a mystery to the fish in the pond).  All of these behaviors are very different from goldfish that live away from this pond as fry care is not as important there (and up to 500 eggs can be laid by one female). Cannibalism of fry is strictly forbidden in every territory.

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