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Lore hints - Markings versus Skins
Markings and skins both decorate the citizens of the pond, but they are both different.

Markings seem to be given by the gods and come after eating certain pellets with odd marks on them. Some fish seek these out from the mysterious common, Bowman (who may or may not make these themselves, rather than the gods making these pellets), but these markings end up being passed down from generation to generation. These can only be changed with other types of food, but are otherwise permanent.

The skins are completely different and are more like the tattoos that the impostor gods have been known to wear. These can be taken on and off and somehow haven't been known to damage the slime of the fish who are born into this sacred pond. No one has figured out why this, but it is curious that the Goldie, Bowman, Pearl, New Fish, Izzy, and Banner cannot wear any skins or clothing as it irritates their slime coats, yet LB, Poole, and Guy have been known to be able to wear these items. It could be due to the influence of the magic (or other outside force) from the Forbidden Zone, as Poole was rescued from there in the old pond and LB takes after her mother the most. Guy is just a mystery (and one that LB sometimes wishes would just leave her alone).
I found this helpful. I was wondering about this earlier, when working on my skin for the competition. Thanks a lot!
^v^ You're welcome!

I was going to do a few more loreposts today but got tied up at a PT appointment so I'll either get some more done tonight or Wednesday (Or tomorrow night if I'm feeling awake enough after work)

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