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Which breed are you most excited for?
With 14 planned main breeds (not counting Koldfish), which are you most excited for? Which breed are you going to be filling your school with? Big Grin
Hmmm... I'm stuck between Ryukin and Celestial. What about you, Ilrak?
Oh man, I'm excited for all of them - Though I do think I'll have to have quite a few lionheads in my school. >> And I can't wait to work on the hybrid art for each breed - even though that may take up most of my free time haha. Then I know I will have a lot of Commons and Ryukins for the chance at breeding Tamasabas or Sabaos (My favorite breeds in real life since my baby girl conforms mostly to the Sabao standards and her offspring are looking more like Tamasabas than she did as a fry).

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