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The Planned Breeds
There will be 15 main breeds in the game (not counting hybrids of the breeds). Each of the breeds has a strength and weakness for battle and are listed here from most common (starter) to rarest (limited). The Starter breeds can be gained by any new player at registration, obtained through breeding or breed change foods, or in found eggs. The other breeds can only be obtained through breeding or through breed change foods (with the exception of Crown Pearlscales who can only be obtained in the kickstarter). The currencies that can be used to purchase the breed change foods are listed alongside them (Gravel, River Rocks, and Favor).

The Starter Breeds

A Starter breed, this is the second largest breed (after the Koldfish). They are mostly speed based and are a very welcoming breed, even if they are fans of getting to the food first. (Gravel)

A Starter breed, this is the tank of the pond. They are territorial and wary of outsiders. Physical Strength is their main feature. (Gravel)

Common Breeds

Bristol Shubunkin
A common breed, this is one of the few single tail varieties in the game. They are known for their nascerous scales and their B shaped caudal fin. They are slower than commons but get nearly as big. (Gravel)

A Common breed, these fish lack a dorsal fin and are very curious. They are believed to be the forebearers of Ranchus, Lionheads, and Celestials to the more scientifically minded fish. These fish are dextrous. (Gravel)

Jikin (May be moved to a different rarity if Wakins are added to the game)
A Common Breed, these look almost like a Common Goldfish until you see their split tail. They are thought to have come from a Common who ventured into the Forbidden Zone (and are released in October). They have high speed and mid range intellect. (Gravel)

This common breed is known for its bulged eyes. They are thought to have helped with the creation of Celestials in the more scientifically minded fish. They are high range in intellect. (Gravel)

Uncommon Breeds

This uncommon breed is believed to be high in intellect because of the appearance of a large brain, but in battle, they are more mid range. Unlike Ranchu and Lionheads, these fish have dorsal fins. (Gravel)

Bubble Eye
These uncommon fish have a mid range magic ability but are slowed down by the sacs under their eyes. They have to stay away from sharp objects or they will tear the sacs and suffer a terrible infection. (Gravel)

Tosakin (Suggested by Hibou)

This breed is believed to have been developed from Ryukins and almost went extinct during World War II. They are known for their distinct, curled tail fin. In game, they have high magic ability. (River Rocks)

Rare Breeds

These rare fish have eyes that are always looking to the heavens. They are the best magic users and the most pious to the gods. They believe that they were created and chosen by the gods themselves. They lead most of the religious faction of the pond. (Favor)

These fish are known for their massive wens and are rare in the pond. They often lose eyesight from over growing wens and need to get them trimmed occasionally (not a fun procedure). They are high on physical damage, however, and can go into berserk rages during battles. (River Rocks)

These fish look like Lionheads except for a few small differences. Their wens do not grow as large and their backs are more rounded, like the egg fish. They are magic users but look for the science behind the magic, unlike the Celestials. A few expeditions have revealed that the magic may come from the forbidden zone and not the gods. (River Rocks)

Crown Pearlscale
An extremely rare breed (kickstarter exclusive), this breed is known for its wen and the calcified bumps on its scales. These bumps fall off easily from being knocked against rocks or other solid objects, so these fish can be a bit stand offish and sedentary. They are tanks, however, in battle – but they avoid it at all costs. (Funding Drive Only)

These fish are known for the growths on their nostrils. They are smaller fish and are very quick and agile. New fish only arrive in the pond in July – Something that the Celestials think is due to the fire flakes from the sky. (July Event Currency)

A rare hybrid of a Koi and a Goldfish, this fish is unable to breed because of its genetics. They grow very large and are slower moving fish. Though they cannot be bred, they are extremely tough fish in battle.  (June Event Breeding/Currency)
When breeding different breeds to each other, you get the following chances of offspring (including hybrid breeds which will be added in with each introduced breed and are rather rare).

Starter to Starter: 45% per parent’s breed, 10% Chance of Tamasaba (RyukinxCommon Hybrid)
Starter to Common: 50% Starter, 40 % Common, 10% Hybrid
Starter to Uncommon: 55% Starter, 35% Uncommon, 10%Hybrid
Starter to Rare: 65% Starter, 25% Rare, 10% Hybrid
Starter to Limited: 75% Common, 15% Limited, 10% Hybrid
Common to Common: 45% per parent’s breed, 10% Hybrid
Common to Uncommon: 50% Common, 40% Uncommon, 10% Hybrid
Common to Rare: 55% Common, 35% Rare, 10% Hybrid
Common to Limited: 65% Common, 25% Limited, 10% Hybrid
Uncommon to Uncommon: 45% per parent’s breed, 10% Hybrid
Uncommon to Rare: 50% Uncommon, 40% Rare, 10% Hybrid
Uncommon to Limited: 55% Uncommon, 35% Limited, 10% Hybrid
Rare to Rare: 45% per parents’ breed, 10% hybrid
Rare to Limited: 50% Rare, 40% Uncommon, 10% Hybrid

(This does not count the Koldfish who are unable to breed)

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